4 Titleholders Named in the Finals of Misters of the Philippines 2014

The biggest male pageant in the Philippines is finally over. The newest hunks to represent the country internationally were named in the just concluded final competition held at the University of Makati Grand Theater on Sunday, September 7, 2014.

Photo Credit: OPMB

Photo Credit: OPMB

Misters of the Philippines winners are led by the most popular contestant by far, Policeman Neil Perez of Tondo, Manila as Mister Philippines International 2014. It can be recalled that Perez has the whole of the Philippine National Police department behind his back, which one general even managed to call for a press conference just to announce that he is joining the competition. Sweet and a wise move, general!

He is joined by Mister Model of the World 2014, also a crowd favorite, Adam Davies of the Filipino Community of Great Britain. Davies, during the question and answer portion said that the experience alone makes him a winner, and a title is just a bonus. There he got it! Such a humility deserves what he got. We wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the international title for the country’s honor. We really won’t be.

Mister Global 2014 winner is Joseph Doruelo of Caloocan City, a handsome hunk who snatched the title after confidently saying he is in to winning one of the titles during the question and answer portion of the competition. One of those who got the prettiest aura on stage, Doruelo just nailed it as expected.

Mister Tourism International 2014 is none other than another front-runner, Judah Cohen of Filipino Community of the USA. We actually loved how Cohen explained himself during the Q & A. Aside from being a real hottie, this guy got a brilliant mind, good communication skills, and an awesome heart. We’d love to see him winning the first tourism international title for the Philippines. We just love Judah!


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