Charo Santos-Concio is ContentAsia’s Asian Media Woman of the Year

ABS-CBN president and CEO Charo Santos-Concio was honored last Wednesday (Sept 3) as the Asian Media Woman of the Year by ContentAsia, a premier information resource that covers the entertainment media industry across Asia-Pacific region.


Santos-Concio, who topped ContentAsia’s annual list of Asia’s Most Influential Women in Media, was chosen by ContentAsia for leading “a powerful multi-platform content agenda that is the strongest insurance we know of amid all the uncertainties of a digital world. And she’s doing it mindful of the powerful legacy of a company that has led in its traditional broadcast space for the past 60 years.”

“This award is special for me because it recognizes my work and passion as a storyteller and a leader of a multimedia company, and I could not be more honored to represent not just ABS-CBN, but the hard-working media women in the Philippines. In so many ways I am blessed to get to do what I do, because to be in the business of telling stories is to be in the business of changing lives, inspiring people and offering hope, and promoting different perspectives. I am so thankful that I am given the opportunity to be of service to the Filipino people. I share this award with my family at ABS-CBN and with all the hardworking women in media,” Santos-Concio said.

She was honored at a gala dinner Wednesday themed “Great stories…& the women who tell them best,” along with the other women industry leaders and decision makers in the region, at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Santos-Concio also delivered the well-applauded opening keynote presentation at the sixth annual ContentAsia Summit Thursday (September 4) to discuss ABS-CBN’s storytelling strengths and hopes and strategies for content creation.

The summit, which had the theme “Great Stories, Well Told,” was attended by content creators, producers, broadcasters, program buyers, programming heads, and executives, and focused on creativity and innovation in content creation, packaging, production, marketing, and distribution.

ContentAsia delivers information about entertainment content creation, funding, financing, licensing, distribution, design and branding, and technology to industry executives across Asia in electronic, print, and online publications.

Santos-Concio was also hailed as Woman Achiever for Tourism and International Understanding Friday night (Sept 5) at the 24th SKAL International Makati Awards for her exemplary contribution to the promotion of Philippine tourism both locally and internationally.

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    congrats CSC. Abs-cbn is the best TV station in Asia.–FACT.

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