Love Story of One Couple is About to End in ‘I Do’ this Weekend

The love story of one couple is about to end inside the “I Do” village when they get eliminated by the program’s council members this weekend (Sept 6 and 7).


Last week’s emotional surprise wedding for the couples – where the women were asked to wear a gown and the men a tuxedo if they were ready to get married right away – caused some misunderstanding among some of them.

This weekend, one couple in particular gets into an intense discussion about whether they should stay or leave the competition because one of them already misses a loved one they left before entering the village.

The program will also conduct a love session for the couples where they will be sharing and evaluating their life priorities. Will the couples finally be on the same page? Or will the love session only complicate things in their relationship?

Who among Carlo and Kara, Chad and Sheela, Chris and Karen, Christian and Chelsea, Emil and Honey, Harry and Princess, Jimmy and Kring, Kaiser and Jza-Jza, Miko and Marie will be kicked out of the “I Do” village this weekend?

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