Robin Williams Went to AA Meeting Before His Death

Robin Williams reportedly attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting just a day before committing suicide on Monday, August 11, 2014.

Robin Williams AA

The 63-year-old actor – who checked into rehab in June in a bid to continue to stay sober – was found hanged at his home on Monday (11.08.14), the day after he was last seen alive by wife Susan Schneider, and an old friend said he had been seeking support that weekend.

Comedian and fellow AA member Argus Hamilton said: “He was at a meeting on Saturday. He had got out of rehab and was sober at the meeting.”

The ‘Hook’ star – who first quit drinking in 1982 but relapsed for three years from 2003 – is said to have becoming increasingly isolated after his recent rehab stint to “fine-tune his sobriety”.

One source said: “He was battling his demons and had become very isolated.”

Another added to The Sun newspaper: “He became a recluse. He checked into rehab and then shut himself away at home.”

The ‘Crazy Ones’ actor – who had children ZaK, 31, Zelda, 25, and Cody, 22, from previous relationships – was described by neighbours as a “shell of himself” and obviously unhappy in recent weeks, though still nice to everyone.

One local resident said: “He was a shell of himself.

“He looked very drawn and thin, not like the Robin who first moved here many years ago.

“He seemed exhausted and not in the best spirits, but still the nice guy I had always known. He was in a bad place emotionally.”

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