Robert Pattinson Hates Getting Photographed by Paparazzi

Robert Pattinson claims he has become a "recluse" because of the constant attention he receives from the paparazzi he "hates getting photographed" when out in public.

Robert Pattinson

The ‘Twilight’ star is among the most photographed men on the planet, but says dislikes the paparazzi intrusion into his life so much he has started staying in rather than go out and face the snappers.

Asked whether the intrusion has ever discouraged him from acting, Pattinson – who used to date Kristen Stewart – said: “Acting is the one thing you can control. If you give that up you’re just a pawn in someone else’s game. But I’ve definitely become a recluse.

“I hate getting photographed. So my life has contracted a lot. I only go to places with underground parking lots that sounds stupid. But it means I don’t have to deal with that anxiety.”

Pattinson – who can be seen in ‘The Rover’ – says the relentless paparazzi attention in London forced him to ditch the UK capital and relocate to Hollywood, where there are more stars to keep the snappers busy.

Speaking to Time Out magazine, he said: “If you’re going out and you’re a bit drunk, it’s the law of averages … it’s just a matter of time before you punch someone in the face and that’s a million dollars. That’s why I can’t live in London. I would love to live here, but there’s no point.”

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