Robbie Williams Trends on Twitter, Netizens Confuse the Singer with Late Robin Williams

Singer Robbie Williams trended on Twitter by mistake. Some netizens confused the singer with the actor Robin Williams who died last August 11, 2014.

Robbie Williams performing at the Key 103 Jingle Ball in Manchester

And speaking of Robbie Williams, the singer reportedly raked in £14 million from his solo ‘Take The Crown’ stadium tour.

The ‘Candy’ hitmaker – who finished his ‘Take The Crown’ stadium tour last summer – has reportedly earned the enormous sum after setting up his own company Teddy Bear Productions to handle the proceeds of the gigs.

According to The Daily Star newspaper, the tour took in around £31.3 million in sales, leaving the firm with around £14.1 million pre-tax profit.

It seems the money Robbie is earning is leading to make extravagant financial decisions.

The 40-year-old singer has a £1.75 million home in west London that he never uses.

Robbie bought the house – which was previously owned by the late filmmaker Michael Winner – in December 2013, but despite its huge price tag he has preferred to stay in hotels when he has been performing in the capital city of the UK.

An insider said: “The house has a staff in place ready to welcome anyone who wants to stay there, but Robbie himself has opted for hotels when he’s been in London, instead of making the journey out to West London after work commitments in town.

“He bought it for the family and plans to use it one day, but to be in such a big place alone when he’s missing them has no appeal.

“He’s told all his friends and family they can stay there any time they like, but it’s not something he’s actually done himself yet. It’s just easier to crash in a hotel, not worry about anything and then go on to the next gig or jump on a place to the next country.”

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    Briggs, kung sino unang pumutak, sya ang may sala! hahahaha. Oha.. Oha…

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