AfterFour Band – ‘Huling Sayaw ng Puso’ Music Video

AfterFour Band has just released today, August 11, 2014, the music video of their debut single called "Huling Sayaw ng Puso." The single, on the other hand, was released during their launch as a band last Friday night, August 8, at Teatrino, Promenade, in Greenhills, San Juan City.

AfterFour Band

They’re young, they’re vibrant and they have a uniqe sound. At first I thought “AfterFour” is a boyband but they’re actually a rock band with a deep sense of musicality despite their young age.

AfterFour is composed of Koj Daniel Reynes (vocalist), Angelberg Josue (lead guitarist), Mark Pascual Lim (bassist) and Justine Margallo (acoustic guitarist). They were formed as a band in 2012 and they already performed in more than 15 gigs and events. Since then, they’ve been known to have emotional connection through their renditions which pierces the mind and soul of every listener.

After two years, their music and identity have ripened in time for the launch of their debut single “Huling Sayaw ng Puso.” Written by lead singer Koj, the power ballad is a farewell song of a brokenhearted heart saying goodbye to the one he once loved or still loves. As the chorus goes:

Ito na ang huli
Dito matitigil ang lahat
Ito na ang huli
Maghihiwalay na ng landas
Ito na ang huli
Ito na ang huling sayaw ng ating puso

“Huling Sayaw ng Puso” Music Video:

The music video was directed by Tyke King Generale with videography by Dester dela Pena. Marla David served as Executive Producer while Rhen Escano starred as the leading lady of lead vocalist Koj, who also wrote the song.

Watch for AfterFour’s debut album to be released this November in record bars nationwide. For more details about this rising rock band, follow them on Twitter: and track the hashtag #AfterFourBand and like them on Facebook: @AfterFour.

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