Meet the Members of New Rock Band ‘Generation’

Formed in 2008, Generation is a group of musicians who shared not only a passion for the classic rock music of decades past, but true-blooded OPM pedigree, the four members all being sons of renowned OPM icons in the country.


Soon after forming, Generation began writing and recording their own material, which is an inspired blend of rocking riffs, strong melodies and vocal harmonies.

Meet the members of Generation:



Kowboy Santos is Sampaguita’s son. He is the killer lead guitarist of Generation.

Kowboy has been playing his guitar since the age of 16. He honed his chops over the years by playing along to his favorite songs, and by taking private lessons from GIT graduate Doug Doppler, a student of Joe Satriani. Although possessing sound technical knowledge, Kowboy has an easy, laid-back style reminiscent of living in Southern California, where he grew up. He has played for various bands in Manila, perfecting his “shoot from the hip” style of rock and roll. Kowboy has fronted for major acts and has played both session, TV, and bar gigs. He is known for his unique lefthand, old-school, bluesy tones, and for visual impact onstage with modelesque looks. Kowboy’s abundance of raw talent in wielding a mean, axe has made him one of Manila’s hottest rock guitarists.



Miguel “Ige” Gallardo is the rhythm guitarist and creative soul of Generation. He is the son of renowned singer Celeste Lagspi.

Aside from being a guitar player and drummer, Ige is also a graphic designer, a boxer, and a creative director. His music inspiration came from The Beatles and The Hotdogs with proficiency in blues rock, punk and 80s metal.



JOE is the son of Jose Mari Chan. He plays the bass “a la Paul McCartney: for Generation. His strong passion for music was “turned on” after discovering The Beatles during a trip to Hong Kong in 1987. Although growing up listening to many artists, and being influenced as well musically by his father, who is one of the country’s music icons, it was vacation in Hong Kong that led to a desire at the age of 15 to learn musical instruments, mainly the guitar and piano, and become familiar with basic music theory. After playing for 20 years with various musical groups and “cover” bands, starting in college with the Ateneo Blue Repertory theatre band, he later formed a group with his brother Mike in 2008 that started out as a cover band and, after some time, began to write, perform and record original music.



Son of Jose Mari Chan, Michael Philip “Mike” Chan has developed a strong love affair with a wide range of musical styles ever since he first tickled the keys of the family piano at the age of 8. Whether dabbling in rock, classical, R&B or jazz, Mike has simply found it impossible to resist any genre that his ears latch onto. This highly eclectic nature was no more evident that when it was captured on Mike’s solo album “Five Corners,” released back in 1999 on BMG Records. Mike’s formation of Generation with his brother Joe in 2008 was the realization of a lifelong dream to approach a classic rock format patterned after such evergreen acts as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Their original music began to flourish soon after, inspired no doubt by the songwriting legacy of Mike’s father, Jose Mari Chan.

Mike is the keyboardist of Generation.

Generation’s self-titled debut album from Star Records is now available in record bars nationwide for only P250. The tracks can also be downloaded via iTunes,,, and

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