John Spainhour – Mister World 2014 Profile Video

Check out the profile video of Philippine bet John Spainhour for Mister World 2014 pageant which is currently happening in England.

John Spainhour Profile Video

John talked a little something about himself in the video which was shot in a village in Torbay, England.

The website team of Mister World also made a one-on-one interview with Mr. Philippines. Here’s the excerpts from the interview from

I caught up with John Spainhour of PHILIPPINES after the contestants got back from their tour, and he had a few words to say about his day so far, his life, and his time in the UK.

Hi John, how has your day been so far?

Our day started out really good. We were filming our Multi-Media for our group, out in Brixham, we had a really good time putting that together, filming all the aspects of our team blue video, it’s going to look great.

Are you enjoying your time so far?

Yeah, I’m’ definitely enjoying myself this, it’s a great experience. It is my first time in England. England itself and also the other contestants from around the world, they are a great group of guys.

How did you get involved in the Mr World Experience?

Actually, the manila bloggers and people in the industry had been throwing my name out there for who they wanted at Mr World, the world was spreading around, so I entered the competition in Manila and I ended up winning it!

So what do you do back home?

In manila I’m working as a model, that’s all I’m really doing right now.

What was the latest thing that you worked on?

I did a TV commercial a couple of weeks ago for a Vitamin supplement, and I did a guesting for a competition I had won previously. That was the last couple of things I did.

As we all know the Current MISS World Megan Young is from the Philippines, do you feel under pressure to perform well here?

Yeah I feel a little bit of pressure, not only from Megan Young but from the past Mr World contestant, Andrew Wolff. He set the bar pretty high for me, coming in as first runner up at the previous Mr World, so yeah; I have a lot to live up to.

Mr World Philippines… one sentence… Go.

I’m really relaxed, I’m really chill, I like to goof around but I know when to use my gifts where they should be.

And finally, any messages for people back home?

Please support me and the rest of the contestants on our journey, and I hope the best man wins.

Thanks John!

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