Philippine Volcanoes are Now Flawless Endorsers

Men take center stage this June as Flawless introduces the newest faces to join their esteemed roster of celebrity endorsers—Andrew Wolff, Gareth Holgate, Harry Morris and Chris Everingham of the National Rugby Team.


Donning formal wear with pops of Flawless’ signature pink tones, the four athletes appear together for the famed skincare clinic’s newest campaign, Real Men Do Care. Aimed at helping break the long-standing idea that guys don’t need and seek the same kind of care that women do, the new men of Flawless say they are very proud to have been chosen to champion the promotion of self care among members of their gender.

Andrew Wolff

“Everyone needs to look presentable,” shares Wolff. “Regardless of what you do, whether you’re an athlete, a doctor or a businessman, we all want to look our best in any situation; we all need that, especially if we want to excel in something. Knowing that you look good, gives you confidence, and that’s what we’re trying to say here. It’s OK for us men to want to get that confidence by feeling good about ourselves.”

Real Men Who Care

When asked as to why the four were picked to endorse Flawless, Rubby Sy, the brand’s CEO says, “Aside from their natural good looks and macho appeal, what most people don’t know is that these guys, individually, all head efforts to improve the lives of their fellowmen.”


“Harry, for one, is a marine biologist. He not only studies but helps protect marine life in the country. Chris, on the other hand, promotes healthy living through proper eating and exercise while Gaz and Andrew are both very active on helping underprivileged kids learn rugby and doing other charity work.”

Chris Everingham

Real Men. Real Problems.

Much like women, men face various skin concerns. Large pores, oiliness, uneven skin tone, acne, dark marks and scars—these are just some of the problems that guys deal with; which are more pronounced among Filipinos due mainly to the Philippines’ warm climate.


Flawless understands this all too well, that’s why the beauty chain, dubbed as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services, continually creates products and services that are meant to help everyone achieve the most beautiful expression themselves. From facials treatments done in a guaranteed hygienic setting by well-trained medical staff, to specially-formulated homecare products like soaps, toners, moisturizers and sunscreens, Flawless offers safe, medically-sound and proven-effective solutions for both men and women of any age and skin type.

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