Fresh Gear Jeans: Clothes That Make You Look Younger

Clothes make the man or woman...younger. Discover how the way we choose our clothes can slash up to 10 years off our looks!


Sometimes the way we choose our clothes is directly proportional to what’s going to be our mood for the whole day. Wear something outdated and bland and you’ll find yourself lethargic, lacking in enthusiasm, and not to mention that you’ll look older than your age. But wear a nice pair of jeans and a colorful top and you’ll find yourself looking fresh and more energetic, with a much younger vibe.

According to a study by a group of researchers in Queensland, an outfit can make all the difference to how old a woman’s (or man’s) face looks. They put two woman in different ensemble and asked a randomly selected group to guess her age. The one wearing a casual outfit in fresh colors was perceived 8 years younger than the one wearing an ill-fitting bland number.

Taking the study to the next level, they let the women wear the same style of clothing for the whole week. The first one claimed she felt more positive and became more outgoing. The second one predictably felt the opposite.

Fresh Fashion

Recently, Fresh Gear treated a group of bloggers to a shopping spree. I was one of the lucky few who got invited to the special shopping activity and was able to try this new (or new to my ears) apparel line. While fitting some jeans, chinos, walking shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, windbreakers and varsity jackets, I instantly noticed the style that this brand would like to represent: fun and playful, youth-spirited and classy fresh. This line can surely shed years off your age if you know how to mix the colors. Besides, any way you want it will leave you looking clean, fresh and most importantly, younger. Just be adventurous!

Another thing I noticed from this brand, it exude sophistication similar to international apparel lines like Giordano, Gap and Benetton but in half the price. You can get a decent pair of jeans for as low as P700 and even varsity jackets in less than P1,000.00. Their t-shirts, polo shirts and walking shorts are affordable, too!

Here are the garments that caught my attention:

A semi-fit lightweight hooded windbreaker with articulated elbows for extra-mobility. The maroon color gives an energetic vibe.

Maroon Windbreaker

A slim fit gray chinos that is best paired with colorful tops.

FG Gray chinos

A race wear jacket that brings out the sporty in you.


A white reversible chino shorts:

FG White Short

A grey/orange reversible chino shorts:

Short Gray Orange

A dual striped polo shirt:

FG PoloShirt

Needless to say, these clothes enable me to have a fresh start in keeping my daily outfit hip and young. If you’re looking for fresh fashion that can slash away ages from your looks, Fresh Gear is a great find!

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First two images courtesy of Fresh Gear Jeans’ official Facebook page.

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