10 Hot Picks for #WranglerSunChaser Instagram Challenge: ‘Keep Going’

Last week, Wrangler Philippines received thousand of entries for their weekly Instagram challenge where everyone who has an Instagram account can join and post a photo related to the theme “Keep Going.” Check out my 10 favorite pictures from entries not only from the Philippines but other countries as well.

Keep Going

Last week’s theme was “Keep Going.” Here’s the description according to Wrangler Philippines’ official Facebook page (@WranglerPH):

We leave in the morning, and stay out until the last ray of sunlight leaves us. Being a true adventurer is the best fulltime job out there! This week, don’t look back, keep going to the very end and be rewarded with the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen.

Of course, not all entries were able to hit the theme spot on that’s why this “favorite list” of mine is NOT based on the artistic quality of the picture but on the relevance to the theme. Please take note that this is just a personal list and Wrangler has their team of judges who will pick the official winner for the week.

Here are my ten hot picks in no particular order…

@iam_bryangracia #Philippines

@obotgo #Philippines

@acir_enaj93 #Philippines

@johnjamescorpuz #Philippines

@ilhamarch #Indonesia

@melindarach #Indonesia

@rarazth #Indonesia

@reyjohnnino #Philippines

@ho0rey #Philippines

@888star #Philippines

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