Ruffa Gutierrez with Lorin and Venice in ‘Working Mom’

Ruffa Gutierrez is now preparing for an upcoming movie and a new TV reality show, but despite never really leaving the public eye, she makes sure that she gets to spend enough of this summer break with her two daughters, Lorin and Venice.


In the latest issue of Working Mom, Ruffa talks about what it’s like to be a single mom raising two children, and how her mom Anabelle’s tough love is something that she wants to eventually pass on to her daughters. “I don’t have a father figure to help me raise my children, so I have to be the one that’s nice to them, and the one that disciplines them,” she says. Ruffa also reveals her next career move and a side of her that’s never been seen before.

Working Mom’s latest issue also gives readers ways to make the most out of summer with 150+ ideas–from boredom-busting activities, a “hot” reading list, fashion and beauty essentials, and yummy, artisanal ice creams. Aside from these, get tips on staying safe under the sun and making home into a place that’s even more cool and comfy, especially during these hotter months. Also in the Working Mom’s latest issue, meet the magazine’s roster of cool mamas–a tattoo artist, club DJs, a pole dance instructor, and a cartoon voice actor.

ABS-CBN Publishing also makes summer extra fun for the kids with the April issue of Barbie magazine. In its summer issue, the magazine gives kids the keys to having fun under the sun.

Let the kids enjoy the summer break with advice from Barbie–dress up for the season, look hip and cool, play by the pool, and build sand castles by the beach. Barbie also makes sure the kids don’t forget anything with a beach checklist, including Barbie swimwear, a beach robe, sunglasses, sun block, a bottle of water, and flip flops or sandals.


Plus, join Barbie on a beach bike ride and have fun doing “A Mermaid Tale” activities! This summer, get some reading done, too. “An Egg-celent Easter Story” is the perfect place to start, apart from the
comics section of the first webisode of “Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, The Closet Princess”.

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