‘Beki Boxer’ – Trailer

Check out the trailer of Beki Boxer, TV5's primetime dramedy that proves that fighting for one's dreams and aspirations in life is possible regardless of one's social status, gender and sexual orientation.


Playing the title role is versatile Kapatid actor Alwyn Uytingco, who gets the biggest break in his career with this action-packed but heart-warming comedy series.

Beki Boxer, which revolves around the story of Rocky Ponciano (Alwyn Uytingco), a young man who is naturally gifted with boxing prowess. When Rocky’s father Max (Christian Vasquez), a former boxing champion, lost his crucial fight that eventually doomed his career and tainted his reputation for life, it has become Rocky’s ultimate goal to become a world-class boxer to bring back the lost glory of his family.

However, Rocky is not your ordinary boxer. While his killer punches can knock down any opponent, he knows deep inside his heart that the king of the ring… is a queen.

Will Rocky be able to vindicate his father and his family? What will his father’s reaction be when he finds out that his boxer son is a beki? And will Rocky’s sexuality stop him from pursuing his dreams?

Joining Alwyn to give life to Beki Boxer’s endearing characters are Christian Vasquez as Max, his boxing champion-father; Candy Pangilinan as Consuelo, a loving wife and mother to Rocky and Max; Cholo Barreto as Elorde, Rocky’s homophobic brother; Onyok Velasco as Ninong Onyok; his godfather/boxing coach; Joross Gamboa as Madonna, his gay friend/confidant; John Regala as the antagonist Coach Dalmacio; Claire Hartell as Venus, Kristel Moreno as Jessa, Danita Paner as Chloe and Vin Abrenica as Atong, Rocky’s co-boxer/love interest.

Beki Boxer premieres tonight, March 31, 7PM, replacing “Let’s Ask Pilipinas” on TV5.

Alwyn Uytingco is inviting you to watch “Beki Boxer”:

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Beki Boxer – Trailer:

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  2. Anne Curtis // April 1, 2014 at 4:11 am //

    asus….. buhay pa pala itong Kambal Chaka na eto???? lashing ka ata teH???? o sadyang asong ulol ka lang talaga?? hahahhaaa….

  3. KAMBAL CHAKA // March 31, 2014 at 4:25 pm //

    buti pa ang tv5 can afford mag advertise dito sa starmo.unlike sa gmewww. walang udget

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