‘Pinoy Explorer’ to Air Finale Episode this Saturday

In the finale of TV5’s PINOY EXPLORER, Aga Muhlach picks up from where the historic Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics recently left off and heads to Russia to feature the one-of-a-kind winter activities only the Russians are known to do.


First of which is an activity that seems very impossible to pull off and even more dangerous to do—car racing on snow! The Pinoy Explorer team will showcase how the Russians have transformed this seemingly unimaginable winter activity into a legitimate and even celebrated countrywide sporting competition!

Pinoy Explorer will also feature a sport that could be considered as the counterpart of a leisure activity popularly known as kiteboarding—but the Russians have put their own unique twist to it! Fondly called “snowkiting”, this time, riders glide and run on the surface of snow as they are pulled by a giant kite!

In addition, the Russians have also created a new and yet another unusual activity to keep them busy during the winter season, which they call “gorodski”. If the name alone is enough to raise some eyebrows, then you should actually tune in to this special episode to see not only where the strange name came from, but also what this activity is all about!

And as an added final treat to all the Pinoy Explorer fans who have religiously tuned in to the show every Saturday night for the last 3 years, Aga will also be featuring some of his most personal and memorable moments while taping the show—unforgettable people, activities and places, which have truly left a mark in his life, in more ways than one.


Don’t forget to tune in to the final episode of PINOY EXPLORER, which airs this Saturday, March 15 at 6:45pm, only on TV5!

2 Comments on ‘Pinoy Explorer’ to Air Finale Episode this Saturday

  1. ChakaDosLaos // March 12, 2014 at 10:13 pm //

    Mga chakamilyucks na loser. Attack!

  2. MATANDArianRIVERA // March 12, 2014 at 5:41 pm //

    WOW…. FINALE NA!!!

    Tinapos na rin ng TV5 ang kahibangan ni Doc Aga na maging host. Yan pa naman daw ang reason bakit sya lumipat para maging host.

    Natulad din sa show ni Mega, namaalam nalang sa ere na walang ka malay malay ang mga tao!

    Yan ang lesson sa mga taong masyadong ambisyoso!!!

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