Wrong Notions About Cellphones to be Revealed in ‘Demolition Job’

Tonight at 10:00pm on TV5, Paolo Bediones will debunk wrong notions about cellphone use in his myth-busting show Demolition Job.


The ability to cook popcorn is said to be the latest use of cellphones. In a YouTube video, several cellphone units were shown surrounding popcorn bits. The handsets were activated until the popcorn bits were cooked.

In a Facebook post, a boy was shown to be in critical condition after his cellphone exploded while he was using it. His cellphone was said to be plugged into an outlet when it exploded.

The Local Government Code or R.A. No. 7160 strictly prohibits cellphone use at gas stations especially when gasoline is being pumped into a vehicle since cellphones in use might explode.

This Monday, we will find out about the right and wrong notions and the myths surrounding cellphones.

With the help of a chemist and a physicist, Paolo undertook experiments to find out which cellphone-related events are factual and which ones are mere conjectures.

In this episode, the Raha Volunteers Fire Department, Quezon City Police District Bomb Squad, and Lineline Ambulance Incorporated were on standby for a quick response in case of accidents.

Tensions flared during certain experiments especially when a cellphone ignited. At the end of the day, the whole Demolition Job team succeeded in dishing out information that will be used for daily living.

Tune in to Demolition Job on TV5 at 10:00pm tonight, put your cellphones to rest, and pause from doing selfies because your wrong notions about cellphone use will be debunked.

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