Enter the World of Unlimited Plays with ‘GameX’

Video games have evolved to something clever and challenging. And now with the help of e-pins and credits from GameX--your portal to casual games--you can enjoy endless plays by simply using your Smart load!


When I was a kid, I’m addicted to Super Mario Bros. 3, an immensely popular game created by Nintendo for the now extinct ‘Family Computer.’ When playing this game, you’ll choose if you want to become Mario and Luigi and then embark on an epic adventure to save Princess Toadstool and the rulers of seven different kingdoms from the antagonist named Bowser, and his children, the Koopalings. Needless to say, I was able to finish this game after thousands of attempts.

When I entered High School, my addiction shifted to video arcades. With the introduction of RPGs (Role Playing Games) like X-Men and Street Fighter, I found myself moving forward to what technology has to offer to this hunger that turned me into a slight geek until college. Gameboy, Play Station, XBox, PSP – name it, I owned it. Well, except for the Wii.

As time goes by, video games evolved into something so portable and interactive it became part of our daily routine. While Play Station, Xbox or Wii can only be played indoors, java games, android games and even Facebook games can now be played wherever we go via our smartphones, iPad, tablets, and other gadgets that we can’t leave our homes without. That’s why they’re called casual games because you can play it whenever and wherever.

Games such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Plants vs Zombies 2, for example, are so engaging that it hooked millions of people around the world. Furthermore, these games are so clever and challenging you’ll lose track of time while playing because it gives you an option to go the distance by buying e-pins/credits. This is the trend in casual games, they offer a paid premium service to gain access to more levels and exclusive content.

I for one, just like millions of people around the world, became addicted to casual games like Candy Crush. The match-three puzzle game begins with five “lives.” Whenever a level is failed, you lost one life. When all lives are exhausted though, you need to wait for a certain number of hours before you can continue playing. But if you want to extend your life right away, you can buy a booster or credit.

It’s hard to do this before because you need to go out to purchase the credits/epins in selected stores. Now it’s easy! You can conveniently reload your account online just by buying ePins using your cellphone load. No need to search for special stores or have a credit card to be able to purchase online because ePins for all kinds of games (MMORPG, Facebook games, android games, etc) are now available by using your Smart, Sun and Talk N Text load.

And don’t forget to visit GameX, the portal to access various casual games. The website serves as a channel to enhance your gaming experience by being a distribution point of e-pins which you can use to purchase various in-game services. You can also download a wide variety of games like “Mew Mew Tower,” “Find the Misfit,” “Geo Blocks” and thousands others! Simply visit For updates on the latest in gaming, follow GameX on Twitter: @gamexph.

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