Viral Video: Ellen Adarna Exercise Video Parody

Meet Allan Adarna, the male counterpart of Ellen Adarna who got inspired to work out after watching the viral exercise video of the sexy actress.

Ellen Exercice Parody

Manila-based viral video producers Green Mango has released the parody to the ‘Ellen Adarna Exercise Video’ which became one of the biggest online hits of 2013.

In this shot-for-shot remake, the hopelessly out of shape guy imitates Adarna’s work out moves and swagger.

Green Mango’s disclaimer on YouTube: this is a parody video. Ellen Adarna has not endorsed this video in any way, shape or form. In fact, she is probably grossed out by it.

Directed by Derek Wanner (Green Mango) and Blake Sarion (DigiCrack Inc.), conceptualized and edited by Derek Wanner with the special participation of Bryce Vestre as the boxing coach.

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