‘Bawat Sandali’ Starring Derek Ramsay and Angel Aquino Airs on Feb 25

STUDIO5 ORIGINAL MOVIES, TV5’s precious collection of originally produced made-for-TV movies, ends its debut month with the much-awaited Love Month grand finale offering ‘Bawat Sandali’, airing this Tuesday night at 8:00PM.

Bawat Sandali

Helmed by renowned directors Joel Lamangan and Eric Quizon, ‘Bawat Sandali’ is a poignant film about a love affair that was wrong from the very start and the consequences that follow a moment of passion. This love-story-turned-crime-mystery is made even more compelling by the excellent portrayal of its stellar cast, led by Angel Aquino as the lonely wife pining for her husband’s attention and Derek Ramsay as the persistent admirer who falls passionately in love with a married woman. ‘Bawat Sandali’ also stars Phillip Salvador, Mylene Dizon, Mon Confiado, and Yul Servo.

Catch the one-time showing of STUDIO5 ORIGINAL MOVIES’ Love Month finale, ‘Bawat Sandali’, this February 25 at 8:00PM, exclusively on TV5.

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  1. I think this is the cause why Angel Aquino’s character in “Honesto” was killed off. Or because she was a freelancer?

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