Obsina Sisters, 1st to Get the Boot in ‘Biggest Loser Doubles’

Nurse sisters Dianne and Tin Obsina lost the chance to become the second Pinoy Biggest Loser after getting eliminated from “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles,” following its first competitive weigh-in this week.


Dianne and Tin were voted out by their co-contestants against officemates Mai and Bien, who also fell below the yellow line during the weigh-in.

Dianne and Tin lost a total of 17 pounds or 3.76% of their combined weight after two weeks of rigorous exercises and challenges.

Married couple Carl and Kayen, meanwhile, were named the Biggest Losers of the week for losing the highest percentage of weight, 8.41% or 43 pounds.

While Dianne and Tin had reservations about going home for fear of disappointing their mother, they were happy to take with them lessons they learned during their stay in the camp.

“We learned to stop getting carried away by anxiety. There were many things here in the camp that intimidated us, and we thought we wouldn’t overcome them. But we did,” said Dianne.

Tin also promised the remaining contestant pairs that she and her sister would continue to shed the pounds after exiting the camp. “Thank you for trusting us that we can do it outside. Good luck on the rest of your journey. We promise you that we’ll be sexy when we see each other again,” Tin vowed.

The show’s bigating doubles are off to face another unique challenge, which will require them to play teacher and student. The teacher will be the one to train his or her partner (student) to lose weight. In the second competitive weigh-in, only the weight of the student will be determined.
How will this affect the pairs’ drive to lose weight? Who will play the roles as student and teacher?


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  1. Ano ang timbang ngayon ng Obsina Sisters (post-elimination)?

  2. God bless to all tv network for sharing us news and update events More power

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  4. The Biggest Loser, LOSER INDEED!!! Talunan sa TV ratings kahit sa Kantar, talunan din sa ads! Parang ung season 1 din, talunan din!

    Sympre what do you expect sa LOSER Network? Hahahaha!

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