Paolo Bediones Examines the Placebo Effect in ‘Demolition Job’

This Monday on TV5’s "Demolition Job," Paolo Bediones will host a party for six Demolition Job drinkers. There will be an open bar where the six can drink all day and night. In this episode, we will see how fast the alcohol hits them and how their behavior will change once they get drunk.


There will be a Demo drinker who will transform into “sleeping beauty” in the middle of the drinking session. A lady will become flirtatious with her new male friend. Watch out for the english-speaking drunk who, five hours prior, was speaking straight Filipino. Five drinkers will become intoxicated with alcohol after a five-hour drinking spree while the sixth Demo drinker will remain the last person standing – the designated gunner.

With a long drinking session, the drinkers will have the surprise of their lives when they find out that the drinks served to them are mocktails – fancy drinks with no traces of alcohol in them.

How did the drinkers get intoxicated when all they downed were fancy drinks? In medical terms, this phenomenon is called placebo effect. When you program your mind about a certain medication’s effect on you, this belief will most certainly cause the desired effect in your body.

Join Paolo Bediones in understanding the placebo effect in the only show that reveals the truth behind misconceptions every Monday, 10pm. Dare to debunk only with Demolition Job on TV5.

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  1. steelbardancer // February 21, 2014 at 9:57 am //

    Dapat isama si Anne curtis sa challenge para manampal at mamili ulit LOL!

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