Boy Abunda: ‘I live my life for my mother’

Boy Abunda, or simply Tito Boy, is known for a lot of things. He is the “King of Talk” in local show business, a television host, talent manager, publicist, celebrity endorser but he is best known as someone who proudly proclaims his love his mother to the hilt by saying, “I live my life for my mother.”


Tito Boy also shares how his own mother encouraged him through her life. She showed him how life was hard without making him guilty or by not making any demands. He grew up knowing that “Kahit anong gawin mo, this is not a perfect life” but he must do his best whatever he faces.

A man whose life is composed of many contradictions, Tito Boy is no mama’s boy but he has always this desire to always make his Nanay proud. Despite the fact that he has grown to be independent, he says that “I always measure what I do with how I think nanay would react. It is my internal moral compass and it has guided me to where I am today.”

This same idea is further magnified as he established MAKE YOUR NANAY PROUD (MYNP) Foundation. Founded a year ago, this foundation runs on his personal mantra of wanting to make Nanays all over the country proud through means and projects where children will be encouraged to be the best that they can be and be the best in all they do.

Believing in the transformative power of the mother’s love, MYNP has been very busy for the past year and uses the spirit of making mothers proud by serving others through challenging times, most notable of which are assisting during Typhoons Pablo and Yolanda.

The twin calamities served as MYNP’s “baptism of fire” as the foundation members pooled out together several resources and donate relief goods to the survivors of these typhoons. They have also created livelihood projects, started building elementary school classrooms in these areas.

Tito Boy sees and reflects on the various challenges MYNP faced and were able to overcome the past year, “Taken as a whole, 2013 can be considered a productive year of growth for MYNP. The challenges that we faced – we conquered. And the opportunities that we saw – we seized. But what is most satisfying is that we were able to do it hand in hand with people who shared our simple cause of making our nanays proud.”

Currently, the foundation has laid 8 priority projects from January to May 2014. Among these projects are: Bantayog Ni Nanay, Sine Natnay, MYNPTalk Express, MYNP Book, MYNP Awards, Livelihood Program for Eastern Samar Yolanda Survivors, Medium PR Campaign for MYNP/Organization of COFA and Special Relief Operations to Eastern Samar.

For inquiries, contact MAKE YOUR NANAY PROUD FOUNDATION by e-mail: or check their website at Like them on facebook MYNP Makeyournanayproud and follow them on twitter @MYNPfoundation.

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