Sam Milby – Up Close and Personal (Video)

Blogger Super Morgy finally got to interview the multi-talented Sam Milby after two years of waiting. The heartthrob talked about figure skating, his collection of shoes, cooking, favorite movies, weird fan incidents and three words that best describe him.


The few hours of hanging around the hotel was nothing compared to the more than 3 years of wanting to have Sam Milby as a guest on The Morgan Show. You can just imagine how delighted I was that it finally happened, almost 700 Miles outside Manila, in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City.

I first requested for this interview right before Sam left for Hollywood. When he came back, he got so busy that it was never materialized. I tried pushing for the interview when I visited him on the set of ‘Wansapanatym’ and ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala’ 2 years ago but the situation didn’t permit me to do so. I didn’t lose hope. I know it will still happen but I didn’t think it will be right after the Chinese New Year and Valentines! This must be a lucky year for me that the wooden horse brought him to where I was.

This year marks Sam’s 9th year in the industry. 8 years of that included the undying issue of his sexuality. It’s pretty outrageous that Sam would be in a position where he would need to comment from time to time on matter regarding his sexuality than just concentrating on his craft and improving his talents and capabilities. The showbiz world revolves around a judgemental society who has innate love for intrigues and scandals. They have aggressive thoughts that they wouldn’t mind hurting people just as long as they get to air their opinions on matters with what only their eyes have seen and their ears have heard.

I’ve known Sam for around 6 years now and never was an instance that I saw traces of homosexuality. I know one when I see one! Sam is even more of a ‘straight’ and more of a gentleman than the many celebrities we have in the industry. Not because he is soft spoken and has that extra kindness would mean that he is gay. He is just a compulsive and a shy guy.


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