‘ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie’ Graded A by CEB, Opens Nationwide this Wednesday

The film adaptation of Bob Ong's bestselling book "ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie" has been graded "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).


Produced by Viva Films, “ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie” is topbilled by award-winning actor Jericho Rosales under the helm of Mark Meily.

The movie revolves around the coming of age story of Roberto, from his elementary years as a student to the day he becomes a teacher. Dubbed as the year’s “throwback movie,” the film also stars Meg Imperial, Vandolph Quizon, Julio Diaz, Giselle Sanchez, Paul Jake Castillo and Andi Eigenmann.

Bob Ong’s “ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie” is scheduled to open in theaters nationwide this Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

Watch the full trailer here:


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