Kuya Kim Shares Valentine Trivia in ‘Matanglawin’

There’s more to know about love than just finding ‘the one’ this Sunday (Feb 16) as Kuya Kim share its various meanings, forms, how it started, and even how animals deal with matters of the heart in the special Valentine’s episode of “Matanglawin.”

KKim Valentine2

Find out how your favorite Kapamilya stars define love and whether animals, just like humans, experience heartbreak. Is it really the heart or a part of the brain that breaks whenever someone gets rejected?

Also, get to know which plant served as the model for the heart shape everyone associates Valentine’s Day with and how this shape became an inspiration to Ia Dela Cruz, who now owns a collection of about 400 heart-themed items.

Lastly, Kuya Kim also looks into the so-called “gayuma” and finds out if it is effective enough to get you the man or woman of your dreams.

KKim Valentine

“Matanglawin” was recently recognized as Best Educational Program respectively at the Polytechnic University’s first PUP Mabini Media Awards and at Holy Angel University’s first Paragala Central Luzon Media Awards.

Love is in the air this Sunday (Feb 16) in “Matanglawin,” 9:30 AM on ABS-CBN. For more updates, follow @matanglawintv on Twitter or like

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