‘Kris TV’ Moves to Earlier Time Slot

As the Queen of All Media continues her reign in the Kapamilya Network, BIG adventures await us this 2014!


In celebration of Kris Aquino’s birthday month this February, she treats her viewers through extending the Kris RealiTV Experience! Starting February 10, Kris TV will air from 7:30 in the morning until 9:00 am. As part of our one hour and a half bonding, Kris welcomes us into her home to recollect all the experiences and learning she has picked up from our Kris RealiTV episodes!

To kick off our extended bonding, Kris TV conquers the Middle East as Kris explores two of the seven emirates of UAE – Abu Dhabi and Dubai! Kris finally gets the opportunity to experience what it has to offer – from must-visit food destinations to must-try adventures!

Kris challenges herself to explore Dubai’s desert safari through 4×4 ride across the desert, water adventures aboard the Yellow Boat, tour of the world’s most luxurious hotel – Burl Al Arab and the newly-opened 900-million-peso-project – The Dubai Miracle Garden! The Queen of All Media also goes on a culinary adventure to try the best Middle Eastern dishes in Dubai!

Most importantly, Kris also immerses herself at the largest Pinoy community in Dubai – Al Satwa, and experiences the lives of Pinoys working in the Middle East! More than the destinations and the activities, this will be the heart of her Dubai feature. Kris gathers inspiring and heart-warming stories of our Kapamilyas there, who struggle against the feeling of “being alone and away from the family,” just to provide for those they have left here in the Philippines.

As a surprise, Kris TV lets them experience a hot air balloon ride which lets them see the beauty of the desert paradise from thousands of feet above from the ground!

PLUS, Kris wraps up her Middle Eastern journey in a travel at UAE’s capital – Abu Dhabi to experience the Ferrari World – the largest indoor amusement park in the world!

Moreso, expect Kris TV’s stronger presence online and on-ground on its journey to year three! Kris TV Fun Finds Benefit Bazaar will become an annual event! Mobile users can also get an easy-access to Kris’s personal life through the upcoming launch of Kris Aquino App on ABS-CBN Mobile. This mobile app features daily 8-minuter premium downloadable content featuring the side of Kris not usually seen on TV!

Dahil sa ating mas pinahabang bonding, “Paniguradong masayang muli ang kwento natin Kapamilya!”

2 Comments on ‘Kris TV’ Moves to Earlier Time Slot

  1. To the comment above me // February 8, 2014 at 11:26 pm //

    Are you blind? I think UKG shortened its airing time purportedly because of the netizen comments by the lines of “lack of entertaining and therefore sustainable segments and new content”, “[UKG] must have room for more improvement” and “criticism of its cast’s performance.”

  2. KANTAR/TNS IS THE SURVEY DEPARTMENT OF ABS // February 8, 2014 at 10:26 am //

    dahil tinigbak na ang Umagang Kayganda! Bakit kaya e number 1 naman yan sa kantar? alam na!!!

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