John Lloyd Cruz Believes Talking Things Out is Best Way to Handle Problems

According to John Lloyd Cruz’s character, Romeo, on the Kapamilya Network’s hit sitcom “Home Sweetie Home,” even the big issues can be solved through calmly talking things out.


The show’s main stars, namely John Lloyd and his on-screen partner Toni Gonzaga, recently talked about how “Home Sweetie Home” goes beyond being just for entertainment because it deals with social relevance. In this time and age when the country has been dealing with debate and controversy, his character’s stand on how to handle things can say something about how all these issues should be handled. According to Toni, the sitcom is right for solving problems in the sense that, as she says, “It is a timely program for timely happenings.”This Sunday (January 26), the newest favorite family sitcom will be showing Romeo’s real side. Along with his wife Julie (Toni Gonzaga), he encounters a problem with one of the people from the couple’s barangay because they noticed how one of the kids at the nearby school was being bullied. With everyone being defensive and hot-headed, the issue even reaches a point where there were threats of legal demands being filed—but because of this problem, Julie discovers exactly how mature her husband really is. Will this be what causes Julie to see the next step in the couple’s relationship? Are they ready to take things to a new level now that it seems that Romeo is turning out to be a great father figure? Find out on the next episode of “Home Sweetie Home,” airing this Sunday (January 26) at 6:45pm after “Goin’ Bulilit”. Don’t miss out on the other comedy shows of the Kapamilya Network on Saturday (January 25) as well, as “LUV U” airs after “ASAP 19” and “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” airs after “MMK”.

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