Mich of Jamich Love Team Swings for Her Life in ‘Killer Karaoke’ (Video)

Mich of the YouTube sensation Jamich love team is the latest victim of the killer tank in "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman." What's in the killer tank? Little Snakes, huge python and a big crocodile!


Lulublob sa ‘killer tank’ si Michelle ng ‘Jamich’. Pero this time, hindi si Jam ang kasama niya kundi mga sawa at buwaya. Kakayanin niya kaya kapag wala si Jam? Alamin.

Source: News5Everywhere

Sino ang susunod na celebrity ang ilulublob sa killer tank? Don’t miss “Killer Karaoke: Pinoy Naman” with Michael V every Saturday, 8:45pm, on TV5.

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