DJ Chico Loco Traumatized in the Pool of Doom of ‘Killer Karaoke’ (Video)

The Next victim of Killer Karaoke's "I Lublub U Very Much" challenge is DJ Chico Loco of 101.1 YES FM. Check it out!

Chico Loco

Wilma Doesnt (Watch Video Here), Ate Gay (Watch Video Here) and Gene Padilla (Watch Video here) were traumatized in the “I Lublub You Very Much” challenge of Pinoy Karaoke: Pinoy Naman. The newest victim: DJ Chico Loco of 101.1 YES FM.

Malilito kaya si DJ Chico Loco sa challenge sa kanya gaya ng kinanta niya na ‘Si Aida o si Lorna o si Fe?’

Sino ang susunod na celebrity na ilulublob sa pamatay na pool? Don’t miss “Killer Karaoke: Pinoy Naman” with Michael V this Saturday, 8:45pm, on TV5.

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