Why ‘Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy’ is 2nd Only to ‘My Little Bossings’

Blogger Precious Cundangan of Spotlight Theatre Atbp made an analysis why Vice Ganda failed to be no. 1 in MMFF 2013, or at least not yet, compared to his previous MMFF entry "Sisterakas" which broke several box office records.

My Little Bossings Cast

If you want laughs and wholesome entertainment for everyone in the family, especially for kids, definitely MY LITTLE BOSSINGS would be any parents’ first choice. Christmas is for children and a time for total family bonding, definitely the General Patronage film would be the perfect one for that, but aside from that aspect, as a Vice Ganda fan to some extent, I understand other factors why people would rather see MY LITTLE BOSSINGS than GIRL, BOY, BAKLA TOMBOY.

Vice Ganda’s quick wit and undeniable funny antics are great in “It’s Showtime” and “Gandang Gabi Vice” wherein as much as possible I would catch all of these episodes in real time or via IWantTV/Youtube. Vice never fails to amaze me with all those on-the-spot quips, so sad to say I was a bit disappointed when I watched the film.


I personally chose the film to have a good laugh and cheer myself up because Christmas without my Lola this year made my holidays a bit empty. I was entertained by the movie to some extent, but there were more instances when I just sighed, simply because I got the joke but was not tickled enough for that. But of course, there were other people who really laugh but for me, I guess I expected too much.

The movie focuses on the quadruplet Jackstone siblings all played by the multi-talented Vice Ganda. At the start of the film, their poor mother Pia (Maricel Soriano) gave birth to these kids. Soon after, Pia’s husband Pete Jackstone (Joey Marquez) needed to leave for the States. Pia is then left to the very weird mother-in-law who later on abducts the first two kids and brings them to the States. When Peter (the boy) needed a liver transplant, Pete decides to tell the truth to Pete and Girlie about their mother and other siblings. Pete brings his two kids to the Philippines. Their paths cross, Girlie (the Girl) and Mark (the Gay) where both are arrested a day after the other. Mark who shoplifted the day before is able to escape while Girlie who goes to the same mall is mistaken as the shoplifting Mark. To make the long story short, all four meet, Pete and Pia rekindles their love again, Mark in an attempt to avenge his forsaken life lets Girlie suffer in lieu for the liver that Peter needs. In the end things will work out.


7 Comments on Why ‘Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy’ is 2nd Only to ‘My Little Bossings’

  1. opinion ko.

    dahil pangfamily yung My Little Bossings. pangkids.
    eh ang Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy mga teenagers pataas lang magkakagusto. yun lang.

  2. Napaka-bias naman nito.

  3. Nagsawa na kasi sa mukhang kabayo ni Vice..Sabagay pala year of the Horse ngayon..naku gudluck

  4. Korny naman kc gya ng sisterskas !

  5. chakamilya // January 5, 2014 at 4:16 pm //


  6. Hyper Bold // January 5, 2014 at 2:32 pm //

    hahah.. how bobo naman ang nag review.. She is seriously favored MLB over GBBT? did she really watch?? or just being paid by MLB team to blog

  7. Hyper Bold // January 5, 2014 at 2:30 pm //

    Hintayin nyo ang total gross on january 8. Mauungusan ng GBBT ang MLB

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