Katy Perry – ‘Unconditionally’ Music Video

Katy Perry bares her soul in the music video for "Unconditionally," her follow-up single to the highly-successful "Roar."


“Unconditionally” is Perry’s second single off her fourth studio album “Prisms.”

Here’s the synopsis of the music video:

The video features various scenes of dancers and Perry singing in the snow, as well as a scene of Perry holding an owl which she sets free. There are multiple scenes which all demonstrate a different type of unconditional love, such as a scene of a mother holding an infant and scenes of lovers embracing. As the song begins to reach its climax, Perry is shown to be on fire. A car crashes behind her as thousands of tiny broken debris from the car shatter behind her, and in a simultaneous scene the shattered car remnants are replaced with flowers. At the end of the video, Perry is shown lying on top of the car, which is covered in flowers (this scene is used in the single cover)

“Unconditionally” Music Video:

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