Movie Review – ‘Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy’

The Lifestyle Hub's take on Star Cinema/Viva Films' "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy": The film is another Vice Ganda sitcom on the big screen. Read the full review after the jump.


As smart and as talented as he is, I’m sure Vice Ganda knows that his movies are not Best Picture worthy. He is aware too of his capability to draw a laughter-hungry crowd. So, Star Cinema and Viva Films’ tie-up for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival is designed that way. To topbill Vice Ganda in a movie which promised laughter for the entire family regardless if the material is creatively decent or not.

As I spent half of my Christmas Day watching two comedy offerings of the 2013 MMFF, I observed how the public’s response for Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy exceeded my expectations. I know this Vice Ganda flick will dominate the box office with perhaps a little challenge from My Little Bossings but the scenario at the cinemas of SM City Manila earlier was quite exaggerated. When we finally got inside the movie house after a long line, the 1,000-seater Cinema 10 was jam-packed with probably the same situation in the other room showing the same movie.

There are several hilarious moments in the latest Vice Ganda flick. These are what most of us expect from the movie and if we put those as entirely the basis, then Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy delivered. I had a slow start but picked up after the first 20 minutes of the film. The audience, on the other hand, chorused in laughter every 5 minutes from start to finish.

Most of the punchlines are most likely created by Vice Ganda himself. With the film’s director, Wenn Deramas, admitting in an interview that he gave Ganda freedom in throwing his own signature comedic lines, the bulk of the movie’s comic moments are lifted by Vice’s signature funny phrases. In one scene, for example, a saleslady told Girlie (Vice’s straight girl character) that she looked like a star. “Mukha akong star? Lima ba kanto ng mukha ko at mukha akong star?”, Girlie quipped. There are two dozens of hilarious phrases like this which pumped blood into the 100 minutes of the film.


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  1. Dear Mister MJ de Leon,
    You can already tell that you HATE VICE GANDA not lying that you like him or you just don’t care. Judging from what you’re saying, you’re one of the haters of Vice Ganda. That’s why I’m going to be straight to the point, DON”T RUINED OTHERS CAREER. Telling things like it’s worse or not. Cause if it’s worst then you should know that , THAT MOVIE YOU’RE TALKING WAS SOMETHING HARD TO DO. I mean you don’t even know how they did it! If you’re going to say something like worst please say if you can do this better than him.

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