5 Biggest Stories of the Year Featured in ‘Lima sa 2013’

TV5 ends the year with five stories that shook 2013 and five personalities who inspired and brought good news for Filipinos. Hosted by News5 chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes, the Kapatid Network’s year-ender special “Lima sa 2013” will air on December 31, 10pm-11:30pm.

Lima Para sa 2012 led by the five pillars of NEWS5 (from left to right) Cherie Mercado, Paolo Bediones, Luchi Cruz Valdes, Erwin Tulfo and Cheryl Cosim

“Lima sa 2013” will take the viewers to a countdown of five of the biggest stories of the year. At No. 5 is the Sabah Standoff, which resurrected the long-standing claim of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III for Sabah. Dozens of the sultan’s men died when Malaysia finally moved in with troops, planes, and artillery. No. 4 is the Bohol and Cebu earthquake, where more than 200 died in the 7.2 magnitude tremor that was equivalent to 32 Hiroshima bombs and traced to a previously undiscovered fault in Bohol.

Next at No. 3 is the Zamboanga siege, where a faction of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front attempted to raise the MNLF flag and declare independence, triggering a month-long fight within Zamboanga city’s heavily-populated neighborhoods, evacuating more than 100,000 residents.

The Napoles and PDAF story comes in at No. 2 with the multi-billion scandal that sparked massive protests over misuse of country’s state funds. Reportedly at the center of the scam are the country’s political bigwigs, senators, lawmakers, and Janet Lim Napoles, a businesswoman who started splurging in the lifestyle of the rich and infamous almost overnight.

Placing at No. 1 is the story that made the biggest impact to the world – when all eyes were on the Philippines when super typhoon Yolanda (International name Haiyan) hit the country. The “new normal” is here. Yolanda awakened the world on the destructive forces set loose by climate change. Moved by images of suffering and devastation, the world came to help with donations, volunteers, and fundraising campaigns initiated by the biggest international groups and personalities.

For the good news part, the “Lima sa 2013” also tells the story of five Filipinos who inspired: Chino Roque, a member of the Axe Apollo space team and soon the first Filipino in space; Juan Direction, five half-Filipino hotties but 100% Pinoys at heart; Megan Young, Mutya Datul, and Bea Rose Santiago who made 2013 the year Filipino beauty ruled the world and almost swept all titles; Gilas Pilipinas, the basketball team who showed “Puso” and won for the Philippines the silver in the Fiba Asia Cup and a crack at the Barcelona championship this year; and the Yolanda victims and volunteers, those who suffered quietly and served and answered to the call for help.

After the countdown of the biggest stories comes the countdown to the New Year, hosted by Paolo Bediones, Cheri Mercado, and Jove Francisco at 11:30pm.

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