Top 16 Male Celebritiy Endorsers of 2013

Bossing Vic Sotto is the no. 1 male celebrity endorser of 2013 according to's survey.

Top Male


Prof. Marion Valencia, market analyst of StratPOLLS opined that “product endorsers
are direct representatives of commercial products in the sense that they (endorsers)
should be widely accepted by the public and that the public should be able to find identity
with the endorsers.

“So whenever, Vic Sotto says that a detergent “ay mas maputi ang laba,” his statement finds appeal among the hundreds of thousands of housewives who find Sotto as a real “bossing,” even a romantic idol for that matter,” said Valencia.

Landscape: Philippines (NCR, Balance Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)

Sample size/Sampling Info: 500 respondents 18 years of age and older. Samples were distributed proportionately and stratified demographically based on the size of population per area.

Margin of error: For results based on 500 respondents one can say with 98% confidence that the maximum margin of error (MOE) is 3.5 percentage points±

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  1. Bakit nawalayata si xian lim?

  2. 9:4:3 , ang ratio abscbn vs gma7 vs say tv5 (assuming Willie and Zoren were still in tv5 when this survey was done). ABS CBN has the number of top endorsers both male and female (15:1 abs cbn vs gma7).

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