KC Concepcion is a Shoo-in for MMFF Best Actress for Her Performance in ‘Boy Golden’

No less than his leading man in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry "Boy Golden"--Governor E.R. Ejercito--made a declaration that if KC Concepcion will not win Best Actress for her performance in their movie, the awards are rigged.

KC Concepcion Boy Golden 2

After the mall show of “Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story” held at the Glorietta Activity Center on Saturday, December 21, Starmometer and other bloggers were able to interview the film’s lead actress KC Concepcion.

KC Concepcion Boy Golden 4

The award-winning Kapamilya actress considered her role in this MMFF entry her most challenging so far because of the abundance of action elements like gun shooting and martial arts. KC shared that she was trained by the stunt coordinator of some Hollywood films like “Tomb Raider”:

“I trained for 3 months with mixed martial arts and meron akong Pilipino na nagturo na rin sa akin from Fitness Science and si Governor ER actually hand-picked Mr. Se from Thailand, siya yung gumawa ng mga choreographies and stunts coordination sa mga Hollywood films ni Angelina Jolie. He also did ‘Tomorrow Never Dies,’ ‘Tomb Raiders.’

“3 months of training with mixed martial arts together with my yoga, but it was a crashed course kasi it’s really in preparation for the movie para hindi matagalan yung mga shoot, ‘yung mga 36 hours shooting days. It took us four days for one girl-to-girl action scene so it’s a long long long fight scene with another girl.”

“Stripper ako dito, dancer ako dito, never pa ako nag-action scenes as physical as this in any of my previous movies and teleseryes so instead of daring it’s more exploratory as I’m more of a risk-taker.”

KC Concepcion Boy Golden 3

What was her reaction with E.R. Ejercito’s statement that if she lost the Best Actress trophy, the MMFF awards are rigged?

“Of course I want to thank him for his faith in me kasi he’s so confident about me from the very beginning and I want to thank him for considering me for this role, and of course I also want to thank Direk Chito for training me and for giving me directions sa role ko, she said.

KC Concepcion Boy Golden

Showbiznest asked KC if what’s more important to her, winning the Best Actress trophy or the box-office success of “Boy Golden”?

“For whatever its worth, with or without an award, for me this film is probably the most ambitious project I’ve ever done and if only for that, for me talagang, it would be a cherry on top because I just won a best supporting actress so it would be a level up but if the universe doesn’t agree that I should get it then it’s also OK.

“Ang awards kasi parang nakadikit na ‘yan sa pangalan mo forever e, so it’s really more of the respect rather than the money, in a way, but of course we would like to hope for commercial success also,” she explained.

Take a sneak peek on KC Concepcion’s performance in “Boy Golden” via the teaser trailer below:

Aside from KC and Gov. Ejercito, other cast-members of “Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story” include Joem Bascon, Eddie Garcia, Buboy Villar, Ton Ton Gutierrez and John Estrada.

Buboy Villar during the Glorietta mall show of “Boy Golden”:

Buboy Villar Boy Golden

John Estrada during the Glorietta mall show of “Boy Golden”:

John Estrada Boy Golden

Directed by Chito Roño, “Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story” is set to hit theaters nationwide on December 25, 2013 as part of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

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  1. michelle malillos // December 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm //

    kc 4 best actress

  2. Kc dahil lahat ginwa mahirap acting, my physical pa..hindi lang pag papacute tulad nang iba dyan nakakasawa na….maiba naman.

  3. I bet kc concepcion for best actress.go kc

  4. It’s gonna be Vice Ganda.

  5. It’s Vice Ganda I bet!

  6. KC Concepcion for Best Actress… She is a good actress…some people should open their eyes coz KC is one of the good performer in Philippine Showbiz… Go KC !!!

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