Coco Martin and Susan Roces Reunite this Christmas via ‘Wansapanataym’

Teleserye King Coco Martin and Queen of Philippine Movies Susan Roces will reunite this Saturday (December 21) for a special episode of “Wansapanataym Christmas Special.”


In the story titled ‘Simbang Gabi,’ Coco will portray the role of Caloy, a young policeman who is forced to take care of his Lola Fenny (Susan), a devotee of the Simbang Gabi tradition. Through the help of a magical star, Caloy is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted. However, Caloy starts to feel that his grandmother is getting in the way of his plans because she is taking too much of his time. Will Caloy finally learn to give importance to Lola Fenny when he discovers the secret behind her mission to complete the ‘nine mornings’ of Christmas? “Wansapanataym Presents Simbang Gabi” is directed by Malu Sevilla. Don’t miss the Christmas special of the 2013 Anak TV Seal Awardee “Wansapanataym” this Saturday, 6:45pm, after “Bet On Your Baby” in ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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