Andi Eigenmann Reveals Real Score with Jake Ejercito

Actress Andi Eigenmann reveals the real status of her relationship with Jake Ejercito this Thursday (Dec 12) in “Tapatan Ni Tunying.”


Andi’s controversial lovelife is in the spotlight once again after she professed her undying love for her childhood friend and former boyfriend Jake on Instagram recently. Andi shared a photo of Jake and herself, taken when she was only seven years old.

“My mother said I was only seven years old the first time I said I was going to marry you (Jake). Without even having any clue what that meant, I knew it. Twelve years later, and with a clearer vision of what that means, I still feel the same,” she said in her Instagram account.

In her interview with Anthony Taberna, Andi boldly reconfirmed her statement saying, “I’m never ashamed to say that I do love him. I do care for him a lot. He’s one of the most important people in my life. Jake has done enough to make me the happiest person alive.”

But despite her admittance to the public, Andi denies that they had rekindled their romantic relationship.

“We’re special friends. I really care for him a lot but we can’t be in a relationship because he is not here in the Philippines,” she explained.

Jake has already transferred from London to Singapore for studies. On the suggestion of having a long-distance relationship, Andi answered in the negative.

Aside from distance, Andi insists that she is unprepared yet for a new relationship as she has chosen to focus on her career and her two year-old daughter Adrianna Gabrielle or “Ellie.”

The 23-year old actress also tackles her life as a single mother and answers other issues being thrown to her.

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