Photos: Justin Bieber in Tacloban #GiveBackPhilippines

Photos of international super star Justin Bieber have penetrated the internet almost the whole day today as he visited the typhoon-stricken Tacloban City here in the Philippines, a big boost to his #GiveBackPhilippines campaign with an aim to raise $1 million for Yolanda (Haiyan) victims.

Photo collage of Justin Bieber while in Tacloban City, Philippines on December 10 to visit Typhoon Haiyan victims

Photo collage of Justin Bieber while in Tacloban City, Philippines on December 10 to visit Typhoon Haiyan victims

In the microblogging site, Twitter, ‘Justin Bieber’ has become a top trending topic the moment he set foot in Manila via a private jet early morning until he arrived in Tacloban.

To everyone’s surprise and without the needed media coverage, unlike the other international icons that have visited the country in the past, Bieber only has his private guards with him. While others staged concerts that aim to raise money for the victims, Bieber just posted his call for help via a YouTube video, which was later on posted on her Twitter account and syndicated in different websites and blogs across the web.

What surprised these people the most, in our opinion, are these big gestures just a few moments ago: Bieber staged his mini-concert at a local village in Tacloban, performing Christmas carols in front of the delighted crowd, for free. This is giving, in the very essence of the word.

Though still shocked with what happened to them, such an act definitely provided the Filipinos entertainment, something they’ve been longing for the past few weeks.

The 19-year-old pop star will be leaving the country around 11pm later today, according to the Bureau of Immigration.

His stay, though short, will remain forever in the hearts of these people who have nothing right now but a hope for a brighter tomorrow. Storm shall definitely pass, and Bieber just help them proved that they are not alone as they rise once again.

Who the hell cares if Bieber was involved in various controversies in the past, and the hell we care should he be involved in a lot more after today? The people of Tacloban will definitely remember that one day in their lives, they’ve met a Justin Bieber in person, and put a smile on each and everyone’s face.

We collected a few photos of Bieber while in Tacloban as shared by the netizens today. They’re not ours so the credit goes to each owner. Nevertheless, we are posting them here as they’re posted for public consumption, and maybe, to inspire others along the way.


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