Juan Direction Fever Intensifies this Saturday

The growing fan base of TV5’s Juan Direction gets a big treat this Saturday as Fil-Brit hotties Henry Edwards, Brian Wilson, Charlie Sutcliffe, Daniel Marsh and Michael McDonnell embark on another Pinoy adventure while two of them cross over to Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman and try out Michael V’s wacky singing challenges.

Juan Direction

Not just another eye candy, Juan Direction boys are winning the hearts of TV audiences and netizens across all ages because of their wit, sense of adventure, and their love for their Filipino roots. In their NEWS5 socio-experimental show, they provide a unique how-to guide to appreciating Pinoy culture, from the eyes of half-Filipinos.

This Saturday, Juan Direction goes to Brian’s hometown in Cavite to showcase the sights and cuisine the province is known for. And since Cavitenos are known to be fearless fighters, the boys will treat us to a mixed-martial arts showdown featuring Yaw Yan, also called “Sayaw ng Kamatayan” (Dance of Death). This adventure will set off a quest to find an anting-anting (lucky charm) to protect one in fights.

Also this Saturday, Daniel and Henry will face another challenge in Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman, this time attempting to sing a song while getting electric shocks and taking an involuntary bath. The two will compete with fellow celebrity guests Iwa Moto, Nadine Samonte, Wilma Doesnt, and Mark Neumann in the game show hosted by Michael V.

It’s a Saturday full of adventure, music, and laughter for the boys. Will Daniel and Henry finish their songs despite the challenges? Who among Juan Direction will survive the Yaw Yan sparring? Who will find an anting-anting? Find out this Saturday on Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman at 8:30pm, back-to-back with Juan Direction at 9:30pm, only on TV5!

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