Paul Walker’s Last Message was for Yolanda Victims Before He Died (Video)

Prior to his untimely demise, Paul Walker made a video telling the world what happened to the Philippines and encouraged his fans to make donations for the benefit of Yolanda victims. Needless to say, he said "We love Manila."

Paul Walker with FF gang

Paul Walker together with Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel and other cast-members of the next “Fast & Furious” movie invited his fans all over the world to make donations to his foundation Relief Worldwide for the benefit of super typhoon Yolanda victims in the country.

The video was shot on location of “The Fast & the Furious 7” and was uploaded on YouTube last November 22.

In Paul Walker’s words:

“…We want to take some time off to make everybody aware of the catastrophic events in the Philippines. We’re happy to be making another Fast & the Furious but there are times, you know, that we gotta check ourselves. What’s going on out there, people without homes, people without food, people without water, it’s a heavy heavy time.”

Credits: ‘reachoutworldwide’ YouTube channel

3 Comments on Paul Walker’s Last Message was for Yolanda Victims Before He Died (Video)

  1. When I watched you in speed, fast and furious you caugth my attention, that that guy is a very good looking man but I doubt if you’re good inside too, now I realized how wonderful person you are.. May you rest in peace Paul, when I die I wish to see you and want thank you personally for the kindness you’ve given to the Philippines.

  2. // December 3, 2013 at 2:57 am //

    A humble, compassionate heart Paul Walker well loved by me and all the Filipino people. I can feel his sincerity in helping the needy and he still remember that they’ve been in Manila last year that’s amazing.

  3. very sad😭 but i know right now ur in god’s home👼

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