Jessy Mendiola Surprises Jeric Teng (Video)

They are not only rivals in basketball, they could also be rivals with Jessy Mendiola. Brothers Jeron and Jeric Teng admitted they both have a big celebrity crush on the modern 'Maria Mercedes' Jessy Mendiola.

Jessy with Tengs

But in one of the holiday gimmicks of McDonald’s, younger Jeron took a step back to give Jessy’s attention to his brother in a sort of reality TV ad.

Said to be shot at a McDonald’s store in Eton Centris, Quezon City, Jeron arranged a surprised date for his brother Jeric. He disguised for a comfort room break when Jessy was scheduled to step in.

In an earlier interview by, Jessy declined to choose who would she pick between the two brothers. “Mahirap ‘yan. Mahirap mag comment sa mga ganyan kasi baka may magalit if sasabihin ko na mas magaling ang isa,” the actress said. Shooting this video may also be considered the first time Jessy will meet the brothers. In the same interview, Jessy shared she still have yet to meet them. “Hindi pa sila sa akin nagpapakita. Sa TV, oo, sa pictures, sa Twitter, sa Instagram nakikita ko na sila. Hindi naman sila strangers to me. Siguro naman hindi rin ako strangers sa kanila,” the Maria Mercedes star shared.


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