John Estrada, Richard Gomez and Joey Marquez Dish Out Secrets to Attracting Women

“Palibhasa Lalake” stars John Estrada, Joey Marquez, and Richard Gomez speak up on being labeled as womanizers, and share some secret ways to attract women in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” this Thursday (Nov 29).


Since the airing of the hit sitcom “Palibahasa Lalake” in the late 80s, the three have become among the most sought-after male celebrities in Philippine showbiz. When it comes to women, their assets have been their suave and smooth-talking skills. The three, however, deny that they are womanizers.

“We are not ‘babaero’ (womanizers), we are ‘babaista.’ We like women, but when we fall in love, she will be the only one. We never had numerous girlfriends at a time. Maybe Joey did,” John quipped.

For Joey, good looks and successful career are not enough to capture a woman’s heart.

“First, you have to have sense of humor. Second, you have to be mature. And third, you must give them a sense of security. There’s no need to know the top ten secrets if you already know the first three,” Joey said.

John, Joey and Richard are now dedicated family men. John has been married to beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles since 2011, and was previously married to actress Janice De Belen. Joey’s marriage with actress Alma Moreno was already annulled. Despite the two’s failed marriages, both of them said that they have blissful family lives because of their children. Richard, meanwhile, is happily married to Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez for 15 years.

“I am contented and happy with my married life. I won’t ask for Joey and John’s marriage advice anymore because if I did, I might have other wives. I’m already okay with Lucy,” Richard jested.

Anthony Taberna’s interview and playful banter with the trio also tackles their lasting friendship for more than two decades. Aside from reminiscing “Palibhasa Lalake” days and discussing their marriages and children, the three also share their future plans on their respective showbiz and political careers.

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