Korina Sanchez Absent on TV Patrol, Suspended by ABS-CBN Management?

Korina Sanchez was noticeably absent on TV Patrol since Thursday. The reason that they want you to believe: she's on vacation. But is she really?


Philstar reported on Saturday that Korina Sanchez will not be news anchoring TV Patrol for a period of one week. The reason according to some reports being circulated in the media is that she will be taking a 7-day vacation leave.

There are speculations among netizens, however, that the real reason for the veteran journalist’s absence on the Kapamilya primetime newscast was because she got suspended by the big bosses of ABS-CBN. And what’s the ground for suspension? Perhaps the incident last Wednesday when she criticized Anderson Cooper on her DZMM radio program questioning the credibility of the American reporter (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE) and rebuking his claim that “there was no government presence on the Yolanda-affected areas.”

Sanchez’s “attack” on Cooper ballooned into global proportions on Friday after CNN picked-up the incident in their report tagging the Kapamilya news anchor’s commentary as “bizarre” and “inaccurate.” Cooper, during the broadcast, defended his coverage by saying they were only “reporting what they are seeing.” He even challenged Sanchez to go in Tacloban to see the situation herself.

The word war between Sanchez and Cooper became hot topic on the internet. After Korina’s radio program last Wednesday, she received flak from netizens.

ABS-CBN has yet to release a statement regarding Sanchez’s absence (perhaps later today). It’s also uncertain if the veteran news anchor will be summoned by MTRCB, too, just like what the board did to Arnold Clavio when the Kapuso news anchor berated the counsel of detained businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles on “Unang Hirit.”

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13 Comments on Korina Sanchez Absent on TV Patrol, Suspended by ABS-CBN Management?

  1. Korina and Noli de Castro needs to go.

  2. abs-cbn and gma they are all the same. they are more concern about their ratings. they don’t even get along each other. korina giving an inaccurate update is foolish. where did she get the information? from gossiping numb-nuts? from her incompetent husband who did nothing but do pictorials on the site pretending to being a concern citizen? that’s BS! they spend people’s money going there but did not bring anything along? how did he got there? oh yeah by helicopter of course. can the citizens really rely on the government of the Philippines? Aren’t they all the same to the lowest position? all corrupt? well for those who are reacting and claiming are not…do something about it! isn’t that part of your duty?

    archipelago mr DILG? REALLY? how far is Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, China, Turkey and all the other county who send help from Manila?

    terminating the poor chief of police who are by the way also one of the unfortunate victim and most of the police are missing or dead (which obviously why can’t report for duty) is one your critical decision in solving the problem? why cant you send the army to clear the area? why don’t you use your brain if you have one and do a real calamity assistance? because if you can’t then QUIT YOUR JOB YOU DUMMY!

    and KORINA KORINA KORINA. GET A DIFFERENT JOB. DIFFERENT CAREER. we all makes mistakes. but you are suppose give accurate reporting. you are spreading your unreliable information to us. the people are grieving and your not helping… in fact your making it worst? don’t try for protect your husband because he works for the government? if you really want to help, then go out and find a way for all these aid to arrive to the victim like yesterday. not a week or two after the calamity. they need that.

    the president’s job is the lead. not to find excuses. not to blame the victims because they did not move out from their home after the warning (because they have nowhere to go) lead the country.

    i bet those clowns (especially the vp binay or bitay) were spending more time putting their name on those plastic bags and container pretending to send aid and donations. but send them anyway before those victims are all dead. just insert insert your calling card inside the bag. it’s quicker you morons. another thing that is certain is that i bet they spend more money (which also by the way people’s money) during the election!

    it’s a realization that we put the wrong person in the government to lead us. if we the people keep making the same mistake, then hope will be far from reachable and will never be attainable. if we really love our country lets say it like we meant it….

  3. hiyanghiya naman ako sau! // November 18, 2013 at 10:49 pm //

    ay naku yang abscbn talaga eh bias, dapat alisin na ang mga nasa politika lalo na ang mga misis na madakdak…ay naku aling koring….nganga ka na ngayon….haist

  4. sa star tv awards malapit na, best newscast tv patrol, best newscast host(anchor) female korina s, hahahahahah

  5. Never let korina set her foot to any station for life.., she does not dserve to be anchorwoman…she does not know the line between an unbiased public servant and an everloyal wife to her eoak husband

  6. amy de luna // November 18, 2013 at 3:09 pm //

    wag nman natin sobrang awayin o husgagan c korina d nman sya basta nagcocoment ng ganon n lang pero we have to understand n malaki n rin ang hirap ng asawa nya sa lahat ng nangyayari sa ating bayan tapos lahat nega p kailangan tanggapin natin na d basta basta ang typhoon n yolanda at di rin tau ganon kayamang bansa n gaya ng us or japan d nman ganyan ang bagyo sa kanila maskit sa isang asawa n mapintasan p lalo nat alam nia ang mga sakripisyo nito. pero i knw 1 day c korina at cooper maging frends cila at ang pilipinas aangat n yan bwas n kurap ddami n budget kya tama n ssihan ok magkaisa ika nga!

  7. When bad things happen, something good will follow….The sun rises, sun sets then sun rises again… its a cycle of life. Just forget that incident and move on. Next time just be careful na lang si Madam Koring.

  8. Danilo, tama ka dyan. Tama rin naman si Korina ipagtanggol ang asawa nya. Tama rin si Anderson Cooper sa report nya dahil wala nga naman government or military to control the situation at nakabilis pa sa world assistance dahil sa panawagan ni Anderson Cooper dahil worldwide ang CNN. Hindi lang maganda ang nasambit ni Koring. Ang mali ang mag pin point ng sisisihin dahil hindi kasalanan ng gobyerno yun Typhoon Yolanda, lindol sa Bohol, Zamboanga fiasco at yung sunud sunod na ulan.

  9. Korina sanchez is korina sanchez sa haba ng panahon pinaglingkuran nya ang pinoy sa pamamagitan ng pagbabalita, sobra naman kung dahil lang sa maiksing kumentaryo pagkakaisahan na agad yung tao, ang sama talaga ng ugali ng pinoy balimbing, lahat naman may karapatan maghayag ng opinion, eh sa un ang opinion nya eh, pareho kung gusto si cooper and korina, lets move on nlang at wag na e big deal!! Atupaging nyo nlang sariling buhay nyo, kasi yang ma yan kahit mawalan ng trabaho millionayo!!

  10. Danilo Estrada // November 18, 2013 at 12:15 pm //

    I feel that Corina is doing her job too, in the spirit of fair reporting because no one in the news dept of ABS is on the side of the government or at least give a balance reporting. Even the super macho guys Ted faylon, and tonying who thought they are untoucheables in lambasting PNoy, one of the two, if not the only honest and uncorrupt president we had.
    Yes there are so much suffering because its a super, super typhoon, what do you expect? After MNLF-Zamboanga and Bohol earthquake, I think the govt are overwhelmed and exhausted. Now its time for all Filipinos to act and not to point fingers. Did you forget the famous line ” the government for the people, by the people and of the people.
    Let me recall a news report by Ted Faylon, before the report, he flashed the President making an update of what has his dept had done on clearing the streets of tacloban of debris. The president said, according to his cabinet that they have cleared the streets already of debris. Now faylon went around the streets of tacloban and said otherwise while flashlighting the streets from a vehicle. My question is this, Mr. faylon, How come you can roam and drive around the streets of tacloban while there are still debris? Tsk tsk. Probably you got a big bonuses for giving good rating to ABS. And that guy tonying, super disrespectful. Bilib masyado sa sarili. akala mo matapang na at may wisdom na sya. Tsk, tsk tsk

  11. Florence Rivera // November 18, 2013 at 10:57 am //

    Anderson Cooper of CNN urged nations for immediate assistance to the victims of hurricane typhoon Yolanda. 30 countries responded to his call without delay. Thank you, Anderson Cooper and the other CNN reporters. You saved a lot of lives. Filipinos will be forever grateful!!

  12. You n=cant blame her, she’s the wife of DILG Sec Mar Roxas. To the rescue lang ang peg ni Madame Koring heheheh

  13. juan de la cruz // November 18, 2013 at 6:48 am //

    She should be very accurate and careful of your comments at all times because it`s the world who listens and evaluates what you are saying..BE responsible!!!

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