Miss Universe 2013 – Starmometer’s Top 16 Fearless Forecast

Unlike this year's Miss World pageant where our very own Megan Young was a clear stand out from beginning to end of the pageant, there's no absolute front-runner in Miss Universe 2013. Pageant enthusiasts around the world have mixed predictions on who the winner could be. Even Starmometer's pick is quite unique.

In making my predictions list, I focused first on the sash factor. They are USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, India, Brazil, Philippines (the new member of the group!), Mexico and of course, the host candidate, Russia. But I’m not a fan of Mexico’s figure and Russia lacks charisma so I crossed them both out from my list.

Another thing to consider is the buzz factor or the candidates who are talk of the town. Philippines, Czech Republic, Russia and Israel belong to this category, but then again, I excluded Russia on my list.

Among the Big 4 pageants, Miss Universe seemed to give weight to supermodel-type of beauties and those who have good catwalk skills during the preliminary competition usually make it to the semi-finals. So this is why I gave big points to Bolivia, Dominican Republic, France, Israel, Brazil, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

Lastly, never underestimate charisma and the x-factor. These are the candidates who have the power to mesmerize the audience with their beauty. Spain, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey top this category.

My dark horse: Great Britain.

So here it is. In reverse order, Starmometer’s Top 16 are:

No. 16 – India


No. 15 – Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

No. 14 – Czech Republic

Czech Republic

No. 13 – Bolivia


No. 12 – Brazil



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