Miss Universe 2013 – Top 12 in Evening Gown Competition

Here are the Top 12 contestants in evening gown during the Miss Universe 2013 preliminary competition.

In reversed order, Starmometer’s Top 12 for the evening gown competition are:

No. 12 – Indonesia



No. 11 – Jamaica



No. 10 – Philippines



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  1. Anonymous // November 9, 2013 at 2:02 am //

    I wonder why Madame SMA would choose a Barazza creation, when there’s a multitude of talented Filipino designers {whose creations are nevertheless, at par, if not, better than this yellow gown Ms. Arida is sporting}. Perhaps, nationalistic pride of Madame is taking over? {SMA and Barazza are both Colombians, if I’m not mistaken}. Or maybe, the gown’s for free? {I mean, the sponsorship thingie}. Ms. Philippines was strongest in swimsuit than in EG, imho. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed… that Ara will, by God’s will, make it 🙂

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