Magnolia Finds ‘Maria Mercedes’

After being gone for so many years, Magnolia (played by Vina Morales) finally returns to the lives of Mercedes (Jessy Mendiola) and her siblings this week in the primetime series “Maria Mercedes.”


The longing mother first visited Guillermo (Marx Topacio) in prison. But instead of a tight hug, Magnolia was welcomed by hurtful words from her eldest son. This wouldn’t stop her though from winning her children back. Meanwhile, tension rises between Mercedes and Misty (Nikki Gil) after Mercedes found out that Misty is still in love with Luis (Jake Cuenca). Can Misty steal Luis away from Mercedes? What will happen when Mercedes finally goes face to face with her mother Magnolia? “Maria Mercedes” continues to dominate its timeslot every weeknights. Based on data from Kantar Media, “Maria Mercedes” ruled over its rival program for the whole month of October with an average national TV rating of 19.7% vs “Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas” with only 11.8%. Don’t miss the bittersweet story of “Maria Mercedes,” weeknights, on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For updates, follow @MariaMercedesPH on Twitter and like on Facebook. Tweet your thoughts about the show using the hashtag #MariaMercedes.

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