Annaliza Learns How to Fight Back

The sibling rivalry between Annaliza (Andrea Brillantes) and Arlene (Kyline Alcantara) intensifies this week in the top-rating primetime family drama “Annaliza.” As Arlene gets meaner to her, Annaliza also gets tougher and finds the courage to defend herself.


The tension between Isabel (Denise Laurel) and Stella (Kaye Abad) also heats up that resulting to a catfight. With this, Stella is more determined now to reclaim what should’ve been hers and steps up her game in seducing Lazaro (Patrick Garcia) back in her arms. Meanwhile, Guido (Zanjoe Marudo) continues to struggle in finding his place in Annaliza’s life, while Makoy (Carlo Aquino) still silently looks over both families and meticulously plans his next move. “Annaliza” continues to dominate its time slot on primetime. Based on data from Kantar Media, “Annaliza” scored an average national TV rating of 24.9% vs rival “Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko” with 13.1% for the month of October. Don’t miss “Annaliza” weeknights before “TV Patrol” in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For updates, like the show’s official Facebook page at or follow @Annaliza2013 on Twitter. Share your thoughts on “Annaliza” online using the hashtag #Annaliza.

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