Miss Universe 2013 – Preliminary Competition (Full Video)

The presentation show is where the battle for the title of Miss Universe begins. This year, 86 beautiful women from around the world walked the stage of Crocus City Hall in Moscow to show the judges that they deserve a slot in the Top 16.


Hosted by Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo and comedian Nick Teplitz, the presentation show on Tuesday (Wednesday morning) has three segments the cocktail dress, the swimsuit and lastly the evening gown.

All 86 contestants will be scored by the judges based on how they present themselves in the said segments and the 16 who will get the highest total score will compete live in the semifinals on November 9.

The preliminary judges are Irina Agalarov, Jose Sariego, Corinne Nicolas, David Perozzi, Elena Semikina, Alicia Quarles and Gabriel Rivera.


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