National Costume of Ariella Arida in Miss Universe 2013 Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

It's been a known fact among pageant aficionados that the weakness of our candidates under the wing of Stella Araneta of Bb. Pilipinas has always been the evening gown...

Photo Credit: Jory Rivera, OPMB Worldwide

Photo Credit: Jory Rivera, OPMB Worldwide

Many believed Janine Tugonon lost the Miss Universe crown last year because of her cheap-looking evening gown and that her spectacular answer in the final interview during the pageant finals was not enough to lift the low scores she may have gotten from the imported Barraza creation.

This year, many are anxious about the gown that Ariella Arida will wear in the preliminaries. And when it comes to the evening gowns that our previous delegates in MU wore in the past, they’re cohesive! Cohesively mediocre.

But before we tackle the evening gown, Ariella competed in national costume early Monday. What can you say about number in the above photo by Jory Rivera?

Here are some of netizens’ reactions on Facebook:

Dann General-Seterra: “Everybody was expecting na ang suot ni Ara is yung Cary Santiago creation na nanalo sa Bb. Pilipinas Nat Cos compet. Haaaaaay! Ara is still beautiful kahit di ganun kaganda filipiniana nya. Hoping next time that BPCI will let our candidates wear gowns and creations of top filipino designers. Go Ara! All lagunenios are proud of you!”


4 Comments on National Costume of Ariella Arida in Miss Universe 2013 Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

  1. Try to help or doing some good things for the people in doper typhoon. And not fighting for this stupid things!

  2. diego arevalo // November 4, 2013 at 4:33 pm //

    Beautiful and elegant! The dress of a winnner!

  3. Sobrang annoying na mga filipino fans!! Sobrang OA sobrang critical mga wala kasing trabaho mga tambay mga walang pinag kakaabalahan sa buhay ang yayabang! Not proud filipino traits!

  4. Roberta Palma // November 4, 2013 at 1:17 pm //

    mas chaka ka naman ROberta Palma, nakakahiyang Pilipino ka, alam mong maganda si ARa , ikaw at ang mga katulad mo ang nakakahiyang Pilipino, nakakasuka ka pati na mga kampo mo, kayo ang sumisira at nag ba bash kay Ara ,,,ano masaya ka na? masaya ka at nakakatulog ka ng nakangiti kasi nasisiraan nyo ng bongggang bongga ang candidate ng Pilipinas? Anong motibo mo bakla ka.?

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