One Minute Movie Review: ‘Bekikang’

"Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki" is a family dramedy movie from Viva Films considered by box office director Wenn Deramas as his 2nd favorite work after "Tanging Ina." The film launches Joey Paras as the next big gay comedian.



Main Cast:Joey Paras
Supporting Cast: Tirso Cruz III, Janice de Belen, Malou de Guzman, Maricar de Mesa, Nikki Valdez, Carla Humphries, Lassy, Atak, and Tom Rodriguez
Director: Wenn V. Deramas
Genre: Comedy
Released by: Viva Films
MTRCB Rating: PG
Opening Date: October 23, 2013

Synopsis: Bekikang/Vittorio opens with his line of thoughts on where gay people come from. He highlights his comical points of view on his inquiry from the book of Genesis to Darwin’s theory of “Evolution.” Bekikang, who was born on a rainy night next to a rice paddy, is the son of Gorio and Maristela. Although being bullied outside their home, Bekikang grows up in a happy and supportive family. When Bekikang’s mother dies, his father takes on a new love in the house named Anacleta who becomes Bekikang’s cross to bear. As Bekikang grows, he never stops fighting the people who taunt him. One day, Bekikang meets another person subjected to bullying named Fortunato. It is love at first sight for Bekikang. Fortunato becomes the man who gives colour and meaning to Bekikang’s world. Bekikang and Fortunato become good friends. Bekikang’s colorful life turns black and white when Natalie meets Fortunato. Natalie who desires to work and live in Japan is a food assistant in a small canteen. Fortunato falls madly in love with Natalie and not long after, a love blossoms between the two. Natalie is already pregnant when Bekikang hears about the relationship between Natalie and Fortunato. Following the birth of the child they named Potpot, Natalie decides to fulfill her dreams of going to Japan. Natalie decides to leave Potpot to Fortunato who is also planning of going abroad. Fortunato then seeks the help of Bekikang and leaves Potpot to him with the promise of a monthly support. The promises eventually get broken, but Bekikang continues to nurture the love for Potpot. Withstanding the hardships of a single parent, Bekikang makes Potpot the center of his world. Trying to give the child the most of what he can, Bekikang works hard to give a happy home to Potpot. Few days following Potpot’s seventh birthday, Bekikang sees Fortunato. Bekikang finds out that Fortunato and Natalie are together again living in luxury and this time, demanding for Potpot’s custody. With no legal power, Bekikang has to give up Potpot. Potpot becomes depressed and decides to run away and look for Bekikang. Will Natalie and Fortunato give up their child once they realize that Bekikang has been an ideal parent for Potpot? –Viva Films

The Positive:

If “Lihis” is considered Joel Lamangan’s baby, “Bekikang” is definitely Wenn Deramas’s. Throughout the film you can discern the passion of the box-office director and how he put his heart into every scene.

Joey Paras validates his Cinemalaya win (earlier this year) by showcasing his perfect comedic timing in the movie and his dramatic prowess at the same time. He was supported impeccably by Tirso Cruz III, Nikki Valdez and his two sidekicks Lassy and Atak who can make the movie-goers laugh out loud even on scenes that they don’t have dialogues. His has good screen chemistry with Tom Rodriguez, his love interest, and JM Ibanez, his ‘son.’

“Bekikang” scores high in entertainment because of the generous amount of laughs delivered by the comedy actors and heartwarming soap opera-ish drama from Paras, Valdez, Ibanez, Rodriguez and Humprhies in the end part.

The Negative:

The premise of “Bekikang” may be similar to Lino Brocka’s “Ang Tatay Kong Nanay” but the film went to the route that will please its viewers–the tried and tested Deramas formula of combining comedy and drama.

Quality: 3 stars
Entertainment: 4.5 stars


“Bekikang” Trailer:

2 Comments on One Minute Movie Review: ‘Bekikang’

  1. thegreatletterk // January 8, 2020 at 1:47 am //

    Its 2020, and I just watched it on YT. I am surprised to see this! I loved every part of it. Joey Paras’ acting skill is on top! Also to all the supporting characters, their presence is really on point. I love the film! I am rooting for a part 2 one day! Though then director already passed away, somebody relive the story!!

  2. Leo Archico // February 7, 2014 at 12:57 pm //

    I would like to apologize for not watching this in the big screen. Would have worth every penny. I idolize Vice Ganda but Bekikang is way too funny and has a lot of witty lines. It’s like watching a great act in a comedy bar. Super touching maala ala mo kaya level. I know a lot of gays would relate to the main character (esp. Sa pagmamahal sa gown na mabasa hahaha super funny). I don’t even know him but he has a great timing and sincerity sa character. If I would hug him kapag nakasalubong ko sya. Pls… I’m begging for it sana may kasunod. Uulit ulit in ko sya panuorin. Congratulations!!!

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